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How Our Process Works: 
(This process is out of order if viewed on mobile site)


Initial Contact

Call, Text, or Email us to begin the process of your Estate Liquidation needs and schedule an appointment for our  FREE TO YOU initial consultation


Scheduled Appointment

We will come to you,  and conduct an initial walkthrough of the property's items you will be selling. We will answer any and all questions you have, and explain the different sale options we provide, and leave you with one of our sale's contracts. Again, at absolutely no cost to you!


Decision Making

Once you have made a decision on the type of sale you would like to have conducted, and the contract has been signed, we will set a date to begin the process, and get to work for you!


The process of an In Person Estate Sale 

You've chosen to have an In-person Estate Sale. This sale will be conducted once all items have been visibly displayed within the home, and individually priced. The sale will begin on the following Friday after the set-up is complete.  The sale will run three days, with Sunday being a 50% off day.


The process of an On-line Auction Style sale

Items in the home are placed into "like item" lots, these lots are uniquely displayed, measured, photographed, and descriptions are then entered into a conclusive sale on the Estate Sales auction webpage. Sales are run for 7 days but can be shorter or longer based upon your needs.  We also provide shipping within the continental United States for many items listed, at no cost to you! All items will have a starting bid of $1.00. Reserve prices can be set upon request. After the sale is complete, sold items will  be picked up by the buyers at the residence.   And at your request, a clean out of the remaining items will be conducted. 


Additional Information

  • The sales percentages will be provided, and outlined in the contract we provided before signing the contract.

  • Payments are issued within 10 business days (Mon.-Fri.) after the completion of the sale's pickup day.

  • Clean out of items will be conducted upon request.

  • Sale is complete once the client is smiling!

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